What You Can Buy Under $300,000 in Ellenton

Fast forward about 150 years, Ellenton is still a small, sweet community known primarily for the Outlet Mall located just off the interstate. The town’s proximity to major traffic arteries makes it an ideal place to buy a home no matter where people travel for work.

Since it’s ideally located for most anyone working in Tampa Bay, the question becomes “What  Can You Buy Under $300,000 in Ellenton?”

What I Tell Every First-Time Home Buyer…So They Know What to Expect

Before buying your first home, I am sure you worked hard to save for your down payment to put towards your new home. On top of that, you probably paid down your credit cards, watched your credit score, found a great REALTOR® and did everything else you should to ensure you were ready to buy.  

Still, it never fails…there are always surprises that come up during the home buying process. After all, it is not as easy as simply making an offer, having it accepted …